Texas invokes Art 1, Section 10, Clause 3 to bring troops in from other States to defend against invasion

Because Texas Gov Greg Abbott has invoked Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 ... other states are now able to enter into agreements with Texas to help repel the invasion that Texas is dealing with.

Other states may now send troops and/or equipment to aid in halting in the border invasion.

Which states will send troops and equipment to defend the border? ~ @WallStreetSilv

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Texas in effect is saying 'We are being invaded' and so can make war in return. The fact that States still exist as independent from the Federal government and can make war in certain circumstances within the US Constitution, without any need for Washington or Congress, means they can do a lot to save themselves.

If England were to go for independence from the UK, the same would apply to England. That's why the Teds want England to be independent. That way we can defend our borders with troops - a million Captain Mainwarings on Warmingtons On Sea, nullify NATO membership, abandon the 2018 UN migration Pact, leave the World Health (i.e.Death) Organisation, the WEF and all the rest, and re-establish Common Law, and our legal system.