Unless a plan to stop the boats includes quitting the UN or nullifying the UK Migration Pact of 2018 and all other UN Refugee treaties, it won't work. The UN controls our borders, not the UK. The other way would be for England to become independent of the UK, automatically ending the effect of UK/UN treaties. Only Trust The Teds.

TEDs Blocked Again

We can't even get into the local paper in Shrewsbury!!!

Two hustings have not invited the Teds candidate Chris Bovill. He had the students at SCAT rocking in the aisles in the PCC hustings in May. They don't like it up 'em!!!! Go The Teds. Leaflets and street campaigns for for England. The people love us, same as they love their country. Anti-English @BBC fails to acknowledge the English Democrats have 15 candidates standing in the election.

We have made a formal complaint to the BBC regarding their anti-English bias over the BBC web page 'Who can I vote for in the general election'

Ted Candidates 2024 Election

Shrewsbury and Atcham – Christopher Bovill
East Grinstead & Uckfield – William Highton
Leigh and Atherton – Craig Alan Buckley
Bolton West – Patrick McGrath
Makerfield – Thomas Bryer
Dover and Deal – Stephen Laws
Bradford South – Thérèse Hirst
Newark – Matthew Darrington
Brentwood and Ongar – Robin Tilbrook
Boston and Skegness – David Dickason
Great Yarmouth – Catherine Blaiklock
Bury South – Stephen Morris
Dunstable & Leighton Buzzard – Antonio Vitellio
Barnsley South – Maxine Spencer
Barnsley North – Janus Polenceusz


Funny how English Democrats were not notified of these hustings. Bit like The Chronicle failed to mention we were standing for Police Commissioner West Mercia in April/May, where we were up there with other main parties. The Chronicle never mentioned us even once!!!! I guess this will be a rerun with no mention of Teds again. Chris Bovill is standing for Teds in Shrewsbury, is on the public nominated list, and he is available for all hustings. Come on Shrewsbury. You can do it. Try acknowledging the existence of another viewpoint, whether you agree with it or not. The public know about us and are interested. Not including us shows we are seen as some kind of threat and they want to keep it all nice and cosy amongst themselves. The Northern Relief Road is not needed. It will cost £100 million, relieving tax payers of their funds handing it to Kawcynski's corporate friends. Teds for no road.

This site is supporting Chris Bovill, Teds candidate for Shrewsbury in the General Election. Deport All Illegal Immigrants. Why are our hotels filled with young men of military age from Middle Eastern countries? Why are they here? Send them back. Bring back England's armed forces to our own country. No conscription. No deployment. No war. Negotiate peace with Russia. End sanctions. Promoted by Christopher Bovill on behalf of English Democrats, Quires Green, Willingale, Ongar, Essex.

Campaign For England's Independence

The founder of The English Democrats is Robin Tilbrook, top solicitor and legal campaigner, whose aim is to bring about nothing less than England's independence from the United Kingdom, and stop the takeover of England by world government bodies such as UN, WEF, WHO, ECHR and NATO. 

The UK is selling us and the other nations within the UK out, England to be divided up into eleven separate statelets in the world government plan.

The only way to re-establish England and save the rights of English people, is to take back our country from UK. 

This can come about in the following manner.

Our rights as English people were guaranteed to us in the Act Of Union in 1707, and legally UK has broken all the agreements and terms legislated, rendering the Union liable to be nullified through legal challenge.

There will not be a judge willing to order the re-establishment of England and English Independence, whatever the legal rights and wrongs of the case. 

Politically there will have to be a referendum. 

This can be funded with public money with two sides battling to win - a YES and a NO vote, or IN versus OUT. And the vote must be won, despite all the big money placed to keep England locked inside the restraints of UK and its subservience to UN WHO WEF and others, the world government bodies.

The 2018 UN Migration Pact has handed control over UK borders to the UN bringing in millions of immigrants and giving them priority over English people.  WEF is destroying our farmers and steel industries.


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