Two stage process for WHO world takeover via 'Health Security'

Whilst the IHR and Pandemic Treaty are complementary documents, we are most concerned about the proposed IHR amendments at this stage. As you have heard from other speakers, the IHR is a legally binding document, amendments to which may be adopted through a simple majority vote by unelected representatives at the World Health Assembly this May.

However, both legally binding documents would effectively put the WHO in charge in the event of further public health emergencies of international concern (PHEICs). With the power to unilaterally declare pandemics or PHEICs and dictate the international response, these documents could effectively create a self-perpetuating pandemic industry.

“On Saturday I declared a public health emergency of international concern…”

Perhaps you are comforted by the notion of a supranational body taking control in the event of future PHEICs? If so, please consider for a moment the monkeypox PHEIC. On July 22, 2022, the unelected WHO Director-General overruled the majority of the WHO’s IHR Emergency Committee and declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). It turned out to be a fake PHEIC, which quietly fizzled out when no one was looking.

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So, imagine giving the WHO’s Director General even greater power. Legally binding power. This would be the case if either of these instruments are adopted without question.