Henry Curteis (TEDS) deliberately omitted from Police Commissioner candidates report.

Only the incumbent Conservative and a Lib Dem challenger are mentioned by The Shropshire Star in their Chronicle Shrewsbury newspaper.

What are they frightened of?

Henry Curteis also a nominated candidate for West Mercia Police Commissioner.  Henry Curteis of TEDS - The English Democrats. He lives in Shrewsbury!!!!

Other parties may be standing as well as Teds, Tories and LibDem.

In other areas Teds David Dickason made it onto the ballot in Lincolnshire, and Robin Tilbrook in Essex.

I guess there are no candidates from Labour, Green or Reform in West Mercia as they would surely be mentioned if they existed. UPDATED - Not so - why is the tiny Chronicle ludicrously trying to formulate a narrative to shoe in a Liberal Democrat?

I have corresponded with The Shropshire Star and they know Henry Curteis standing, so what are they playing at?

Lib Dem party policy is to abolish the role of Police Commissioner - so why are they standing at all? That party never makes much sense trying to be on all sides of the arguent all at once.

Come on Chronicle. Pull your socks up or are you being run by Diversity Targeting as well as Police and Fire Service. It wouldn't surprise you.

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