Spread the Putin Peace Pandemic!!

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The warmongers hate Farage for opening up on peace with Russia, saying Putin was provoked, breaking the Putin was the aggressor Biden narrative.

Or is this a double bluff?

Make the peace message available to voters in the US and the UK for Trump and Farage to get their parties big votes, and once in office they then become the regretful warmongers in turn. Farage gets media endlessly whether he's the goodie in the media pantomime or the baddie. They clearly want him to get through, and the people behind the media (big money bankers) clearly love big wars.

Or can we trust Farage to suddenly become anti-war and anti-vax when he's been more or less silent on these topics for a while, and was supporting the vax when it was being rolled out. Trump pushed it for all he was worth (warp speed), and Farage proposed Blair as the vaccine tsar to push the vaccine rollout in UK claiming now that no one knew the vaxx was tainted at the time. Of course he knew.

I think we need to remain highly sceptical when both Trump and Farage, more or less on the same day, both announce that Putin was provoked, when both are known to be involved with pushing the vaccine depopulation operation, and have been silent otherwise on Putin for years.

The Teds have pushed the peace agenda saying that Russia was provoked, for two and a half years.

Only Trust The Teds. We say negotiate with Russia and end the sanctions.

Bigger parties that change with the wind, especially at election time, are always suspect.

Labour might get a massive majority. If they do the party will fracture and might not become the war vehicle that the controllers hope it will be. Farage could hold the right together exactly as Trump does in the US, and will find a way to accidentally and regretfully commit the British armed forces, which he wants expanded, to war. The bankers are always after their war and Farage is clearly their preferred vehicle in the UK. The result will be the same as below whoever betrays us. Only Trust The Teds.

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