FAQ About The English Democrats

Are you just more of the same old politicians?

English Democrats are conviction politicians. Our party has gradually grown in numbers since 2002 to now well over 4,000. All our activists are volunteers, they receive no expenses for their travel, telephone etc, from the English Democrats or the UK or European taxpayer – unlike those of the British Establishment parties all too many of whom are experts in milking the system.

Are you against the United Kingdom?

“English & Proud” – that’s what English Democrats are. We reject the Unionists’ argument that “England is too big” to the break-up of England. England is a proud and historic nation and we should restore equality between the British nations and stop the English being treated as being second class citizens in our own country! There have been referendums in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland leading to Home Rule. Devolution in these countries has had a major impact on the governance of England. The people of England too are entitled to be consulted and there should be a referendum for English Independence which takes us automatically outside the European Union!

What are your origins?

The founding members of the English Democrats came together in 2002 when the party was launched at Imperial College London. Many of the founding members were members of the political campaign group the “Campaign for an English Parliament” (CEP). Our party consists of normal patriotic people from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Politically our policies are neither left nor right. We have a commitment to a mixed economy and the provision of essential public services. We are implacably opposed to blind acceptance of globalisation with its economics based on cheap labour and the off-shoring of English jobs. We believe that there is a need to support our own manufacturing industry. We also believe that Charity Begins at Home and would prioritise help for the vulnerable and pensioners in our own country rather than borrowing to give away so much money to foreign governments and institutions – often ones with well-deserved reputations for financial malpractice.

Are you racist?

Of course not! Comments about being racist are the favourite insults used by Liberal Democrats, Tories and Labour, as well as the politically correct in general, as their objective is to trade on self-hatred and anti-Englishness. National pride is nothing to be ashamed of and being proud to be English is not racist. Every country has ethnic minorities. You do not have to be English to support the English Democrats and we welcome support from all who share our aims. All the people of England are affected by the injustices created by the current British Political Establishment.

Are you anti-European?

There is often confusion in answering this question. We are very interested in having good and productive relationships with all the countries in Europe, but we do not believe in political union, i.e. we reject the concept of a United States of Europe under the auspices of the European Union (EU). We believe that the people of England have been betrayed by British Labour, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives & Unionists alike, with half-truths and lies being told which have resulted in our country being stripped of its right to make laws on our own behalf. We reject any attempt to break England into Euro Regions, removing England’s status as a nation.

We want to be friends and trading partners with Europe – but we don’t want to be run by Brussels. We would never support joining the Euro and believe laws to penalise people who buy goods in imperial measures are draconian and antidemocratic.

What would we do if we left the EU?

We do not believe the EU has brought many advantages to English businesses, in fact we believe the contrary to be the case. Onerous and expensive bureaucracies have flourished issuing masses of legislative requirements which make our industries uncompetitive in comparison to the rest of the world. At the same time the EU is admitting vast amounts of trade from low cost countries like China and India, without their need to meet the same stringent standards. The consequence is our manufacturing base and production facilities are closing down and re-locating, where the bureaucracy and costs are so much cheaper. This process will in time be catastrophic for England and many European nations. The EU seems powerless to protect its own vital strategic interests and we have no faith that the people who are running the EU have the skills or ability to make a success of the venture. We will always oppose being part of the Eurozone.