Campaign For England's Independence

This is the campaign hub of the English Democrats. You can find out more about the party here, get an idea of who we are and how we are going to change our world.

The Party's founder is Robin Tilbrook, top solicitor and legal campaigner, whose aim is to bring about nothing less than England's independence from the United Kingdom, and stop the takeover of England by world government bodies such as UN, WEF, WHO, EU and NATO. 

The only way to re-establish England and the rights of English people, is to take back our country from UK. This can come about in the following manner.

Our rights as English people were guaranteed to us in the Act Of Union in 1707, and legally UK has broken the agreements and promises made, rendering the Union liable to be nullified through legal challenge.

However there will not be a judge willing to order the re-establishment of England and English Independence, whatever the legal rights and wrongs of the case. 

Politically there will have to be a referendum, funded with public money with two sides battling to win - a YES and a NO vote, or IN versus OUT. And the vote must be won, despite all the big money placed to keep England locked inside the restraints of UK and its subservience to UN WHO WEF and others, the world government bodies.

For example the 2018 UN Migration Pact has handed control over UK borders to the UN brining in millions of immigrants and giving them priority over English people.  WEF is destroying our farmers.  WHO is establishing worldwide totalitarian powers and NATO is preparing to drag our menfolk off to a European War.

To block all these threats and many more, we have to end UK, and lapse the illegal treaties.  The campaign for English Independence must win the coming referendum.

Few channels will carry this message. Tell your friends. Hand out leaflets. Join us. Donate. The media is sold out to the same powerful interests who care nothing for us. We can only win back our rights and futures if we do this ourselves.

Robin Tilbrook will act to stop and reverse the subversion of our laws and legal system, which began in the 1990s when politicisation of the judiciary began. From 1997 judges have had to possess and demonstrate the 'right' political beliefs, applying the 'woke' agenda rather than the traditional laws of England, in order to be selected. We must bring back a system of justice based on Common Law, a belief in human freedom, and freedom of speech.

The English Democrats are the only party campaigning for a Peace agenda, whereas all others want mobilisation of the armed forces and do not show any opposition to their deployment to other European countries, including Ukraine. We seek peace through negotiation and an end to the sanctions which are driving living costs through the roof.

The Teds have great strength in the legal field. We need to add to that. We need a dynamic programme of new branches, and activists to get our message out. Our campaign is live. We need foot soldiers, dedicated individuals who believe in what is right and who refuse to accept anything less.

I ask you to join us now and help build a political force that cannot be ignored by those who seek our destruction as a free people. England is calling.  With your help and support we can stay a free people another 1000 years.  

Henry Curteis
Campaign Director, English Democrats
National Council Member

Prospective Candidate Police and Crime Commissioner West Mercia