England Calling Leaflet (500)

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England Calling Leaflet (500)

Here at last is a leaflet which cuts through all resistance and is universally read, not thrown away or merely glanced at, by the majority of receivers. It establishes The English Democrats in peoples' minds, by using the Ted nickname and mascot, and it makes an impression the readers will not forget.

The message interests the reader as they don't hear anything other than main news repeated mantras all day long. And here is another take on things, one they instinctively recognise, as it resembles their own small voice of doubt about main media output. The leaflet starts off 'Main News Unbearable' - 'Paws All Channels' and it keeps the bear pun theme running right to the end, lightening the seriousness of the message.

The leaflet gets across the English Democrat determination not to accept the breaking up of England, our country - and it lays down the strategy of going for full independence both from Brussels and UK, as the only way for England to break with world government which Westminster has signed up to, effectively resigning its role as government.

The reader can go on to read more and see more here at www.englandcalling.co.uk

The England Calling leaflet is available to buy in different quantities with 100 the smallest at www.englandcalling.co.uk. You can go door to door, or hand out in public, or pay your teenage relatives to hand them out.  Where else is there to start the process of achieving independence, which we need to defend our streets, and protect our children and people.

It needs you our supporters to deliver the message.

England expects...

England Calling Z Fold Leaflet (500)