Michael versus Donald

Did The UK and France Need Their Elections Over Before President Biden Resigns? Plus other suspicious timings of events NE - NAKEDEMPEROR.SUBSTACK.COM JUly Has the plan been all along for President Biden to drop out of the US elections? The rumour mill is suggesting that he could drop out as early as this Monday. And not just drop out of the elections but retire as President and hand over the reins to Kamala Harris before a new candidate is found to challenge and beat Trump. A new candidate that will pull all shy Trump voters over to the Democrats and ensure Trump loses convincingly.

Already, the seeds are being sown with papers reporting on a Reuters/Ipsos poll which showed 50% of voters would vote for Michelle Obama if she was running. Only 39% would vote for Trump against Obama. The nudging is in full force.

It makes perfect sense as a Democrat plan - Biden is being thrown under the bus and Harris is nowhere near popular enough to win. Each new day, the mainstream press is revealing to the unawake public, the reality of Biden’s decline which has been evident since the last election. Today’s reports are about the Parkinson’s disease specialist who has visited the White House on numerous occasions over the last year.

The powers that be now what Biden out. But why now? To retain some kind of stability in an ever destabilising world, did the UK and France need to have their elections completed first?

If Biden drops out, then the West would have been in a state of turmoil if two of the next largest NATO countries, the UK and France, were in a power vacuum.

Has this been the plan since March? When Barack Obama made a surprise visit to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, did he say “listen mate - we’ve lined you up with a cushty job in California. There’s only one catch - we want our mate Keir Starmer in power and you need the election done and dusted by 8 July when we are getting ol’ man Biden to step down. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. (Yes, Obama talks in a London cockney gangster accent when in England).

Did Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, say the same thing to Macron when he met the French President at around the same time?

Both Sunak and Macron then unexpectedly called snap elections. The timing of both was extremely suspect and neither made sense.

Obama then coached Starmer, over Zoom calls, to victory. In fact, Obama has been acting as an informal adviser to Starmer since 2021. His advice clearly didn’t work, as votes for Starmer dropped by 50%, but Labour still obtained power. Part one of the plan complete.

Part 2 was for the French elections to be done and dusted before Biden’s resignation. However, as of time of writing, that is not going as smoothly with a three way tie between the New Popular Front, National Rally Alliance and Macron’s Ensemble coalition. Maybe Biden’s resignation will have to wait a few days until this has been sorted out.

Left wing New Popular Front was hastily assembled after Macron called the snap election. Now, because it is an alliance of members, one of them is likely to be France’s next Prime Minister. This means that in a number of days both the UK and France have changed to left leaning governments. No more pesky trouble makers to question lockdowns and aid to Ukraine.

This result is also suspicious because, only days ago, the right National Rally Alliance led by Marine Le Pen, was projected to win by a mile. Now, after some shenanigans and tactical voting, they are in third place. Quite the turnaround.

Did NATO and the West need two of its strongest members to be fully operational before Biden retires? The goal being to maintain stability, coordinate with intelligence services and ensure alignment with other key allies. Otherwise, the fear might be that Russia or China could use the West being in limbo, all at the same time, to their advantage.

Another curious piece of timing, which I still don’t understand, is the release of Julian Assange. Will this be used for the upcoming US election somehow? Assange was due to attend his appeal hearing on 9-10 July but then suddenly, at the end of June, he was on a plane back to Australia.

As part of Assange’s plea deal for freedom, he agreed to issue an instruction to the editor of Wikileaks to destroy any remaining materials that had not been published yet.

If Biden does resign, we’ll find out soon enough who Wikileaks had compromising information on.